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OEO Optical fiber amplifier repeater

Type:FCM-OEO Message

Description:Two SFP optical interface design optionally replace the optical module and supports any wavelength conversion two optical interfaces 2.5G any conversion rate or less.

Product Description
   OEO series is our company developed for the optical transmission of the signal and then amplify reshaping of an optical transmission equipment. It can effectively save the cost of fiber-optic and networking resources to solve the problem of excessive fiber distance. OEO is widely used in long-distance transmission of various trunk. Its advantage is that the optical signal is small economic security simple installation it is used in many optical transmission.
Functional Properties
Ø Equipment varieties can choose different types of equipment according to customer's specific business needs
Ø Support 2.5G rate any of the following SFP optical module
Ø Flexible and transparent access to a variety of business rates: rate service offers a variety of interfaces Ethernet PDH SDH ATM and other services
Ø Relay Type: wavelength conversion the mode switching optical power amplification and shaping
Ø It can relay transmission distance: 30KM 50KM 80KM 100KM 120KM above

Ø Support network management function: to provide a variety of network management approach based on a terminal console (Console) for local management       based Telnet remote login network management Web-based management an intuitive GUI-based graphical interface for SNMP management 

Technical Parameters
Application Scheme

1.Single multimode conversion:


2.Eextend fiber optical transmission distance:



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